What is Difference between e marketing and e commerce

What is Difference between e marketing and e commerce

The difference between e-commerce and e-marketing , there are many crafts and businesses that people invest in, and achieve business projects, 

Difference between e marketing and e commerce

There is a big difference between e-commerce and e-marketing , and each type of trade has its own characteristics, and in our time many people resort to this trade, which is carried out through social networking sites.

 Therefore, today we will learn through the marketing manager website the difference between e-commerce and e-marketing.

Definition of e-commerce and e-marketing

E-commerce and e-marketing are two sides of the same coin, where e-commerce depends on E-Marketing, for marketing products.

Without e-commerce, marketing professionals will not find what to promote, and because of the overlap between the two fields, it is difficult for some to know the difference between e-commerce and e-marketing.

 Therefore, we will explain to you the differences between e-commerce and e-marketing in 3 points.

The difference between e-marketing and e-commerce

There are many professions and their practical field is large, there are a lot of people who are moving towards e-commerce, and some are turning to e-shopping.

But there is a big difference between every trade and business, so we will talk about the difference between e-commerce and E-Marketing, which are as follows:


E-commerce is a modern term that did not exist in the past due to the great technological development with which we have come to live.

They are intended for business transactions that are carried out on the internet, where the internet has saved a lot of time and effort on merchants in order to promote, or buy their goods only at the push of a button.

 Of course, this trade has many benefits, especially for the individual, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Many individuals have managed to work from home using modern technologies in communication.
  • It is also possible to open and develop a lot of business projects through the internet.

  • Many people were also able to work from home, including pensioners and people with special needs, which opened the way for those who are at home to work.
  • Many managers of companies and institutions were also able to complete their own work quickly.
  • It is also possible to send goods very quickly, especially with regard to e-commerce.
  •  It also allows individuals to share more experiences on services and products through the e-community.

As for the seller's or merchant's e-commerce transactions, they are divided into:

  1. Owning an electronic sales platform to display goods from products and services through it.
  2. Manage inventory, financial transactions, reports and all administrative tasks online.
  3. Collection of revenues and profits electronically.

Thus, the role of the merchant or the owner of the business is represented in the aforementioned transactions.

They refer to the part of the benefits of e-commerce for the seller that pushes the merchant to start his own business online.


E-marketing, or digital marketing as it is known by some as a strategy that is resorted to in the process of organizing modern communication technologies.

It is worth mentioning that e-marketing is a very important and significant part of modern methods of marketing.

Of course, there are a lot of advantages in e-marketing, among which are the following :

  1. It provides more interaction with companies that provide services or products.
  2. This type of marketing is also used in order to gain the trust of more customers.
  3. It is also possible to obtain information about the product and goods of a company, and it is also possible to get that good very quickly.
  4. E-Marketing has also opened up the field for large and small companies as well, marketing is no longer exclusive to well-known products only.
  5. Also, through e-marketing, it is possible to display all the products of a company or organization without the need to promote them advertising.

Why you should know the difference between e-marketing and e-commerce

E-commerce and e-marketing work together to breathe life into your business, they are complementary processes, where e-marketing attracts attention to your brand while e-commerce allows you to actually sell.

The distinction between the two is important because being good at one does not necessarily mean that you are good at the other, you may be great at e marketing and bringing a lot of visitors to your site, but if you can't sell your goods , what's the point

At the same time you may have an almost flawless sales process, but the number of visitors to your site per month is no more than 3 people!!

 The balance between the two is important, you need to pay attention to both and see the difference as this allows you to identify problems.

Imagine that you brought a thousand people to your site this week and no one buys anything, where's the problem

 e marketing or ecommerce It turns out that the payment button has a problem and no one can buy anything, obviously it's a problem that has a direct relationship to e-commerce.


When talking about the difference between e-marketing and e-commerce it is important to know that e-commerce and e-marketing are two sides of the same coin.

 E-commerce usually starts where digital marketing ends, and it is important to understand the difference between the two so that you can properly focus your resources and fix problems if they arise.

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